Jessa Duggar Creates A Mini Playground For Her Three Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

Just like every mom these days, Jessa Duggar is attempting to keep her three kids busy during the current coronavirus pandemic. It appears that the Counting On star is doing her best to keep her family safe by spending time at home instead of going out. But that doesn’t mean that they are all cooped up inside all the time. She has found a few creative ways of keeping them happy by creating a mini playground in the family’s backyard.

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, have been spending plenty of quality time with Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 10 months, since the COVID-19 outbreak. The 27-year-old mom took to her Instagram the past few days to document exactly how they are faring and it looks like she has found plenty of things to keep her kids occupied, especially outdoors. She toted that if you can’t go to the playground, you can “bring the playground to you.” That’s exactly what she and Ben did in the backyard.

A few days ago, Jessa revealed in an Instagram post that she was putting up a climbing dome for the kids to play on. She put it up herself, with some help from her three little kids. They loved climbing all over it.

In addition to the dome to climb on, the Seewalds put up a dome swing that all three of them could fit on together. Jessa shared a few adorable photos of them having a blast. Ivy was lying down in the middle between her brothers with her hair flying in the wind and a huge smile on her face. The boys seemed to enjoy it as well. Ivy Jane then took a break and decided that sticks and flowers were pretty cool to play with, too, as seen in more sweet snaps.

Another toy that they could enjoy outdoors was shown in a previous post. The Duggar grandkids were seen being mesmerized by a water table where they could send water down a chute.

Yet another activity that Jessa Duggar had her kids occupied with earlier this week was stringing their own popcorn necklaces. Henry even made a beard out of the yummy treat. Spurgeon and Henry had fun showing off their unique creations.

It looks like Jessa has found plenty of fun ways to keep her little ones from getting bored. They have supposedly stayed away from their families during this time. Ben’s parents had expressed how much they missed being with them during the pandemic as they are all trying to stay safe at home.

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