Kylie And Kendall Jenner’s Clothing Brand Releases Statement & Denies Not Paying Its Workers In Bangladesh

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are clearing up the recent rumors that they don’t pay their workers to produce the clothes for their brand.

The sisters’ business, Kendall + Kylie, was accused of not paying its suppliers in Bangladesh during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, which took place in February and March. An article about the ordeal was published in Remake in June.

In the article, Global Brands Group (GBG) was the company that was called out for not distributing the money to Kendall + Kylie’s workers.

According to People, Kendall + Kylie released a statement on its Instagram page on Thursday, July 2. The statement had a black background with white lettering, and reps for the brand denied any wrongdoing toward its employees.

“We would like to address the unfortunate and incorrect rumor that Global Brands Group owns the Kendall + Kylie brand and that we have neglected to pay factory workers in Bangladesh as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the statement read. “This is untrue. The Kendall + Kylie brand is owned by 3072541 Canada Inc., not GBG. The brand has worked with CAA-GBG in the past in a sales and business development capacity only, but we do not currently have any relationship at all with GBG.”

The statement ended with the brand stating that it’s aware of what is currently happening in the fashion industry due to COVID-19. Additionally, the brand said it would continue to support the countries that produce its goods throughout the year. It also added that all of the countries Kendall + Kylie does do business with haven’t complained about any issues with payments on their end.

Kylie’s other brand, Kylie Cosmetics, also released a separate statement on social media. The statement was produced to further defend Kendall + Kylie and said the brand never did any business in Bangladesh. It also stated that while Kendall + Kylie’s reps are aware of some clothing brands deciding not to pay its workers, the company isn’t one of them.

In addition to Kendall + Kylie, Remake called out multiple celebrity-owned lines, including Diddy’s Sean John and Cardi B’s collaboration with Fashion Nova. Neither brand has come forward to confirm the accuracy of the claims.

Kendall + Kylie was created by the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars in 2015. The brand is known for its California looks and distributes tank tops, dresses, jeans, and more. Although this was one of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner’s first business ventures together, it has proven to not to be the last.

In June, Kylie shared her and Kendall’s line under Kylie Cosmetics. The makeup collection is the first one that they’ve worked together on and was anticipated by their fans.

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