July 4, 2020
Karl Rove Calls On Donald Trump To 'Reset' 2020 Campaign

In an interview with Fox News broadcast on Friday, former President George W. Bush's deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, called on President Donald Trump to "reset" his reelection campaign.

Speaking with America's Newsroom host Leland Vittert, Rove argued that Trump is currently in an unfavorable position, one where he's trailing the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden in the polls and getting bad press.

"When you are in the barrel. When you're getting a lot of bad press and the polls are going against you, you need to do something that says, 'We're moving in a different direction,'" he said.

In recent weeks, Biden has increased his lead over the president. For instance, the latest Monmouth University poll put the former vice president 12 percentage points ahead of Trump nationwide. The survey also found that the Democrat has a higher favorability rating than the commander-in-chief.

Rove noted that a "reset" does not necessarily mean a "staff shake-up." Rather, the former Bush adviser argued that Trump and his allies need to "do something that's big and grabs the attention of the American people."

Some Trump allies apparently believe that incompetent staff is an issue as well. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Republican fundraiser Dan Eberhart recently said that he believes Trump's 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale will soon be fired from his position.

Eberhart also said that Jared Kushner -- Trump's son-in-law and White House adviser -- is actually in charge, as opposed to Parscale. In addition, an individual close to the president anonymously told the press that Parscale needs to be demoted.

According to Rove, in order to win in November, Trump needs to lay out his vision for the country and contrast his own record with Biden's.

"He has to have a bold agenda that he lays out for a second term and that he can contrast with Joe Biden. And, he ought to hold off on a lot of the new stuff that he wants to talk about until the convention," he concluded.

President Donald Trump speaks at a news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House.
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

As Fox News noted, Rove argued in an op-ed penned earlier this week that Trump needs to present a clear second-term agenda if he wants to be reelected. He added that former Presidents Bill Clinton, Bush, and Barack Obama all did the same.

In an interview last week, the former Bush adviser issued a similar warning, pointing out that Trump is trailing Biden in most national polls. He also noted that the former vice president appears to be ahead even in Republican-leaning states such as Florida and Texas.