July 3, 2020
WWE Rumors: Real Reason Why Vince McMahon Has 'Soured' On Shayna Baszler Revealed

Vince McMahon has reportedly soured on Shayna Baszler, and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio recently revealed the backstage news pertaining to the decision.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, McMahon reportedly had planned on putting the Raw Women's Championship on Baszler eventually. She was unsuccessful in her attempt to dethrone Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36, but the match ended with the suggestion of a rematch in mind.

However, those plans changed when Lynch became pregnant, which happened unexpectedly. When it came time to put the title on another superstar, WWE instead opted to push Asuka, while Baszler got removed from television.

According to Meltzer, McMahon supposedly doesn't understand Baszler's style or character. She made the transition to wrestling from UFC and has incorporated some of that fighting style into her wrestling repertoire. The chairman has a different idea as to what women's wrestling should entail, and Baszler doesn't fit that image.

"Vince also soured on Baszler completely because he never conceptually grasped the style that an MMA fighter should use in pro wrestling and she doesn't check his buttons when it comes to women in wrestling, so he made the call to remove her push and take her off television. This was all before Heyman was dumped."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Baszler was reportedly a Paul Heyman project. The former executive director of Monday Night Raw no longer wields any influence over McMahon or the creative team, however, and Baszler's push appears to have been scrapped as a result.
The Inquisitr report also highlights that McMahon isn't interested in burying Baszler. Her current absence is reportedly due to McMahon not liking any of the storyline ideas that have been pitched for her.

Her lack of television time suggests that she's being kept off Monday Night Raw because the company doesn't want to feature her on the show for the sake of it. Unless she has a storyline that makes sense, she will be kept off television shows to avoid poor booking decisions.

Lynch and Charlotte Flair will be absent from WWE television for the foreseeable future, which might result in a spot opening for Baszler. The red brand needs a top main event heel star to compete for Asuka's title, and Baszler might be drafted in for a program down the line.

At the time of this writing, Baszler has won the majority of her matches on the main roster as well. This means that she's still perceived as strong and dominant among fans.