July 3, 2020
Kayla Itsines Wears Blue Sports Bra & Black Shorts For New Stretching Routines

Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines took to popular social media site Instagram on Friday, July 3, to share a new post featuring two stretching videos that her followers could incorporate into their daily routines.

In the videos, the Australian native wore a blue sports bra with thick straps over the shoulders and around the rib cage. Cutouts along the back and sides teased an extra bit of skin, while Kayla's sculpted arms and toned tummy drew the eye. The trainer paired the top with black gym shorts that rose up to her belly button and extended to the tops of her thighs, leaving most of her lean, muscular legs exposed.

Kayla completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and a silver exercise watch on one wrist. She wore her long, dark tresses styled in a bun that sat on top of her head and appeared to have added a touch of black mascara and lip gloss to complement her facial features.

The post was split into two videos, each one featuring a different stretching routine. Kayla completed both routines in an indoor living space on top of a blue-and-white carpet with various decorative items and furniture in the background. She did not use any equipment for the stretches but incorporated a pillow for added comfort.

The first video featured a wake-up stretching routine designed to be completed in the morning. Kayla began the stretches with a wide child's pose for 60 seconds, following up with 10 reps of the cat-cow movement. She ended the routine with a hip flexor and hamstring stretch.

The second video showed Kayla moving through a wind-down routine designed to be done before bedtime. The routine included a hip flexor and quad stretch for 30 seconds on each side, a glutes stretch for a total of 60 seconds, and a chest stretch for 30 seconds.

In the caption, Kayla told her followers that it's hard for her to wake up motivated in the morning and wind down in the evenings. She explained that it's important to create and stick to a daily routine that helps the body recognize when it's time to wake up and wind down.

The fitness trainer's stretching routines earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments from adoring fans within the first hour of appearing on Instagram.

"Love all those moves any time of day. Like this morning for instance. The hamstring stretch felt great!" one social media user wrote in the comments section of the post.