Valentina Lequeux Shows Off Chiseled Abs In New Core Workout Video

Valentina Lequeux takes a mirror selfie in the bathroom.
Valentina Lequeux / Instagram

Fitness model Valentina Lequeux posted her latest workout to social media platform Instagram on Thursday, July 2. In the video clips, the model showed off her chiseled abdomen as she trained her core.

For the workout, the fitness trainer wore a gray sports bra with a high neckline that left much of her upper body exposed, including her sculpted arms and toned tummy. She paired the top with white spandex shorts that extended to the tops of her thighs and rose to her navel. The shorts emphasized Valentina’s shapely backside and hips while revealing plenty of her muscular legs.

For footwear, Valentina went with a pair of yellow sneakers. She pulled her highlighted brunette hair back into a bun that sat at the base of her head and appeared to have added a touch of eye makeup and lip gloss to complete the look.

Valentina’s ab workout took place at a gym called Elev8tion Fitness, according to the geotag on the post. She performed a total of six exercises, each split into an individual slide in the post. Valentina completed the moves on a black exercise mat, relying on body weight for resistance for nearly all of the exercises. For one move, she used a yellow resistance band.

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The first exercise in the routine was the reverse plank to toe touch. Valentina positioned her body in a tabletop, supporting her weight on her arms and legs, and then reached up to touch one hand to the opposite toe, alternating sides. In the second video, the model performed V flutter kicks, keeping both legs raised as she moved them up and down.

The third video featured the leg rise crunch. Lying flat on her back, Valentina brought both legs up toward the ceiling and then lifted her backside off the floor for an added crunch. The fourth exercise was the plank shoulder tap, followed by the V raise to abduction, using the resistance band. The final exercise in the circuit was the 90-degree toe sit-up. Valentina brought her knees in to her chest at the same time she extended her arms out in front of her.

In the caption of the post, Valentina wrote out the exercises and added the number of seconds her followers should perform each one. She recommended that they complete a total of five rounds of the circuit.

The post earned nearly 20,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first 12 hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.