July 2, 2020
WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Seems To Tease Upcoming AEW Debut In Cryptic New Video

In the latest in a series of videos posted on his social media accounts since his WWE departure in April, EC3 appeared to hint at a potential move to All Elite Wrestling, dropping multiple references to the company's talents in a newly uploaded clip.

On Wednesday night, EC3 took to Facebook to share a new video promo, which featured the 37-year-old wrestler ostensibly talking about the state of the world amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but also mentioning the names and monikers of several AEW wrestlers, as well as some of the company's tag teams and factions. Readers can watch the video in question here.

"We are living in unprecedented times with lockdowns, quarantines, terror in the streets. We are living an American nightmare," EC3 said, subtly referencing Cody Rhodes' moniker.

"From coast to coast, Maine to So Cal, uncensored chaos and confusion reigns supreme. You walk outside and it feels like you're in the jungle, boy! You fear the revolt is coming to you if you don't adhere to the group thinking.

EC3 walks to the ring during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

As further quoted by Wrestling Inc., EC3 was able to work in the names of The Inner Circle, The Dark Order, and The Young Bucks in the next few seconds of the clip, before moving on and referencing Fenix ("rise like a phoenix"), Jon Moxley ("carry yourself with moxie"), and Sonny Kiss ("seal it with a sunny kiss") in quick succession. He seemingly alluded to Kenny Omega at another point in the video and mentioned the words "more than elite" as he concluded the cryptic promo.

All in all, the outlet counted "over a dozen" AEW references in the video, including, but not limited to the ones listed above.

EC3's new post came shortly after the wrestler created his own version of Impact Wrestling's commercial for this month's Slammiversary pay-per-view, one where his initials were shown transitioning to the full name Ethan Carter III. This is the primary name he used during his first stint with Impact, where he was billed as the fictional nephew of then-company executive Dixie Carter. Additionally, his old ring theme was played during a recent episode of the promotion's eponymous weekly show, adding to the speculation that he might be returning to Impact for a second run.

While the apparent AEW tease makes it even less clear where EC3 may be headed to next, it has been noted that his 90-day noncompete clause will expire on July 15, thus allowing him to sign anywhere outside of WWE.