Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Shows Off Sculpted Booty In Thong

Lauren Simpson takes a selfie in an elevator.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson took to Instagram on Monday, June 29 to post a clip in which she showed off her sculpted figure in a thong.

In the video, Lauren wore a pair of thong bottoms that put her shapely backside on display and left the length of her chiseled legs exposed. The eye was drawn to her muscular thighs, hamstrings, and calves. On her upper half, the fitness trainer went with a cropped white t-shirt with long sleeves that gave viewers a glimpse of her gym-honed abs. She appeared to be wearing a white sports bra underneath the shirt.

Lauren completed the outfit with a pair of white socks that extended to just above her ankle. She showed off her light-purple manicured fingernails as she filmed the video and wore her long platinum blond locks styled in a braid that trailed down her back. She secured any loose strands that normally frame her face with a bobby pin. She also seemed to have made up her face with thick black lashes, black eyeliner, pink eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

The video was filmed in a small room with white closets making up the background and a large whiteboard pushed to the side. Lauren filmed the video herself using a full-length mirror.

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WEIGHT GAIN ‼️ – Current: CALORIE SURPLUS with the main goal of building muscle & bringing back my lower body! Yes I am slowly gaining some body fat while my calories are up high. I’ve been in a surplus now for approx 2 months. – For 90% off people out there I’m sure the words ‘weight gain’ are a scary thing. When I get to phases where I’m focused on gaining (as opposed to dieting to get shredded) I get flooded with messages asking for advice on how to deal with gaining weight. – Firstly, it’s always still a learning process for me. I do stay lean for majority of the year so when do increase my calories & see my body changing it is a bit of a head f*ck at first. – It’s important to accept your body at all stages. Whether super shredded or with a little extra ‘fluff’. Yes you may be gaining a little body fat in the process but those extra curves are sexy. – Instead of focusing on purely aesthetic goals – use the extra food to fuel your workouts…get strong AF and utilise this time to BUILD! – Training should be super motivating as NOW IS THE TIME to actually grow and make solid improvements to your physique. The ground work happens now…then you SHRED to reveal the hard work that you have put in. Short term sacrifice of abs for long term gains!! – You are not defined by your body fat %. You are more than that. Your self worth has NOTHING to do with your body composition. – You are beautiful beyond measure…remember that! ???????????????????? @laurensimpsonfitness

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The fitness model began the video with her body facing the mirror. She stood with her legs slightly spread and her midsection stretched, giving her followers a nearly unobstructed view of her chiseled abs. Lauren then proceeded to pull up the shirt to give an even better view of her upper body while flexing her quad muscles. She moved her body to the side next, perching one foot on her toes to lift her backside and show off her sculpted booty. At the end of the clip, she turned her body almost completely around to give viewers a full glimpse of her backside, drawing the eye again to her derrière and muscular lower back.

In the caption, Lauren told her followers that she has been trying to gain weight to build up her muscle and bring back her lower body. The model explained weight gain can be scary, and anyone worried about it should focus on building their muscles and fueling their body, not on body fat percentage.

The fitness trainer’s latest post earned several thousand likes and hundreds of comments from supportive fans within the first day.