Aaron Rodgers Spends Time With Ashley Stock's Two Sons After The Passing Of Their 3-Year-Old Sister

Aaron Rodgers spent time with the Stock family this weekend, one month after the tragic passing of three-year-old Stevie Lynn from a brain tumor.

Stevie, the daughter of popular social media influencer Ashley Stock, had passed away on May 27, just 10 days after her third birthday. On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers quarterback paid the family a visit, posing for pictures with Stevie's brothers.

Ashley Stock shared pictures of Rodgers' visit on Instagram, posting a heartfelt note saying that the Packers quarterback was "completely present, authentically engaged" during his time with the family, and that his visit gave a bit of light to their dark time.

Stevie Lynn Stock had been diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year, dying less than two months later. As The Inquisitr reported, Ashley Stock took to social media on May 29 to announce that Stevie had passed on May 27. Ashley shared that she held Stevie as the young girl took her final breaths.

Ashley Stock's followers had known Stevie since the young girl's birth, as the social media influencer and popular blogger took to Instagram to announce Stevie's birth back in 2017. Stevie was regularly featured on her mother's social media accounts in the years that would follow, including her sudden turn in health back in April.

Ashley Stock took to Instagram to share that Stevie had been rushed to the hospital due to rapidly declining motor function. Doctors performed tests and found that Stevie had a large mass on her brain. Ashley wrote in a later Instagram story that Stevie's form of cancer was known as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG. The cancer had a 0 percent survival rate, Ashley shared.

Many fans shared condolences and offered messages of support to the Stock family during their difficult time and after Stevie's passing, and Rodgers joined in to help bring some joy to them. Ashley stock had recently shared a video in which her young son talking about Rodgers, which apparently caught the former NFL MVP's attention. Ashley did not share many more details from his visit, though it was clear from her message that it was very meaningful to the family.

The Packers quarterback has been known for his giving nature, especially for children facing difficult diseases and hospital visits. When a viral video from earlier this year showed a groggy teenager professing her devotion to Rodgers after coming out of surgery -- joking that he would buy her 400 popsicles -- the quarterback responded by actually purchasing popsicles and having them sent to the hospital.