WWE News: Maria Kanellis Reveals How Pregnancy Storyline Was Supposed To End

Maria Kanellis WWE photos

Former WWE superstar Maria Kanellis took to Twitter on Sunday and revealed that her 2019 pregnancy storyline was supposed to end with her husband, Mike Kanellis, getting the last laugh.

The storyline, which saw Maria emasculate her husband on live television and tell him that he wasn’t the father of their unborn child, was abandoned after a few weeks. According to Maria, it would have also mined her husband’s real life for inspiration.

“My husband. He was supposed to turn face. And do a story about recovery from addiction and motivation. But… that’s just too good. Too real. Too honest. And of course, I was supposed to remain the bad guy. Until I came back from maternity leave. Baby face momma!!”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Mike has suffered from addiction issues in the past, including during his time in WWE. While the company is prone to depicting the real-life struggles of performers in an entertainment context from time to time, Mike didn’t seem to have any concerns over WWE’s plans for him.

As The Inquisitr report highlights, Mike’s only issue with the storyline is the way in which it fizzled out. He also believes that it was WWE’s way of testing the waters before introducing another polarizing soap opera-like storyline to Monday Night Raw.

There should be something that happens so you can either say ‘Yay’ or ‘Boo.’ But for me, the fact that it just stopped and then moved [to Rusev and Lana], it’s like, ‘Well, what was the point of all of that?'”

Rusev was one of the superstars who Maria insinuated was the father of their child in the storyline. Shortly afterward, Rusev’s wife, Lana, returned to Monday Night Raw and announced that she was having an affair with Bobby Lashley. The Mike and Maria pregnancy storyline was abandoned after that, and fans were left without any resolution until now.

Some fans and pundits have speculated that the angle was WWE management’s way of punishing the superstars for signing new contracts while knowing that Maria was pregnant. When they agreed to the deals, company officials weren’t aware of the situation.

As recalled by Bleacher Report, Mike also requested a release from his WWE contract after agreeing to a new deal. However, his request was rejected at the time, but he and Maria were let go back in April.

The couple is expected to return to the independent circuit in the coming weeks, as the mandatory three-month non-compete clause following their WWE releases will end in July.