Britney Spears Reportedly Doesn’t Want To ‘Shade Or Upset’ Beyonce’s Fans After Making ‘Queen B’ Remark

Britney Spears reportedly hopes to keep the peace with Beyonce’s fans following her recent Instagram comments.

According to Hollywood Life, the “Lucky” singer shared an illustration of a bee earlier this week. Underneath the picture, which you can see here, Spears said her fans refer to her as “Queen B.” Shortly after she made her remark, Spears was informed by Beyonce’s fans that the “Black Parade” songstress is also called “Queen Bey,” and felt Spears was trying to denounce Beyonce’s title. While the post could’ve been perceived as negative, a source told the outlet that Spears meant nothing by the comment. She reportedly was only repeating what her fans call her and fully respects Beyonce and her fan base.

“When Britney originally made the comments she was never thinking of Beyonce at all,” the insider said.

“She genuinely believes her fans call her Queen B and she wanted to be fun on her Instagram and show some love. And that is why she hasn’t deleted it either because Britney was not looking to ever shade or upset Beyonce or her fans at any point, she wanted to address her fans only and just be nice.”

After Beyonce’s fans took to Instagram to share how they felt she’s the true queen, Spears decided to keep the post on her timeline. According to the source, she doesn’t mind any of the harsh feedback she received, as she’s used to criticism. The singer has been in the public eye for more than two decades, and the source said Spears refuses to feel “pressured” by Beyonce’s followers to speak about the ordeal.

“She isn’t playing games, she doesn’t have to be that way,” the source continued.

“She likes Beyonce, she is starting no feud whatsoever.”

Beyonce and Spears began their music careers around the same time back in the 1990s. They’ve crossed paths during the duration of their fame and have even worked together in the past. Back in 2004, the singers appeared and sang together with Pink for a Pepsi commercial. Spears has also referenced lyrics from Beyonce on Instagram and follows her work.

Although the term caused some flack on Spears’ end, the singer is reportedly focused on her romance with Sam Ashghari. The Inquisitr reported on Tuesday, June 23, that the couple shared a day at the beach, which Spears documented online. Spears met her beau back in 2016 while she was working on the video for her song, “Slumber Party,” per Us Weekly.

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