Mohamed Hadid May Be Forced To Demolish $50 Million Home, ‘I’ve Never Seen Such Prejudice Against My Kind’

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s dad is not happy. Mohamed Hadid has been ordered by California’s Supreme Court to demolish a home worth an estimated $50 million. In an interview with the Daily Mail on Wednesday, the famous developer blamed racism for the decision.

Hadid was upset over a recent court ruling requiring demolition. He called the decision a “political lynching.” In his long career in construction, Hadid said he has never dealt with a situation quite like this. Gigi and Bella’s dad blamed racism for the decision.

“I don’t just build here in LA, I’ve been all over the world and I’ve never seen such prejudice against my kind, my religion, it’s crazy, it’s a total abortion of justice.”

The Palestinian-American developer doubled down on the notion that the color of his skin played a part in the ruling as he continued his conversation with the outlet.

“In my opinion, and I hate to say it, this whole thing is prejudice against me, who I am and my religion. They’re racist. Absolute racist.”

Hadid maintained that of all of the parties involved with the construction of the mega-mansion, he was the only one targeted.

“They blame me. Do they blame the inspectors? No. Deputy inspectors? No. Engineers? No, they blame me,” Hadid told the Daily Mail.

It wasn’t just the costs that had affected the developer. Hadid believed that the decision had severely damaged his reputation and is eager to share his thoughts with the world. He’s developed plans to write a book about his experiences building the mansion. Hadid even had a title for the “saga” he planned to pen — “Travesty… Extortion and Injustice.”

Hadid had been at odds with his Bel-Air neighbors for some time. Area residents contend that the mega-mansion was a “clear and present danger” to their nearby homes. The parties have been going back and forth for some time, and earlier this month, the Supreme Court of California denied Hadid’s last-ditch attempt to have his case heard. Instead, the state’s highest court supported the earlier decisions that were made by the lower court and later upheld by the Court of Appeal.

Neighbors hope that the close of this month will see the end of the expansive home, although Hadid isn’t ready to part with the house just yet. The developer believes there is still a slim chance to save the mansion through the court system.

“It’s not over. No, not yet,” Hadid said.

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