'The Bold Type' Spoilers: Ian Confronts Jacqueline About Her Relationship With Miles

The relationship between Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) and Ian (Gildart Jackson) will face yet another hurdle in the upcoming episode of The Bold Type, based on a teaser recently uploaded to Freeform's YouTube channel.

Throughout the television series, Jacqueline, a powerful and highly sought-after editor-in-chief of a popular women's magazine, spent most of her time managing her employees, challenging the board of directors, and putting out fires at work. This left very little space for her personal life. After a while, her husband became frustrated by the distracted interactions and canceled plans, causing the couple to take a break.

During the current season, the couple reunited, but they've yet to fully unpack what happened during their separation. Among them, Jacqueline reconnecting with a writer named Miles, a man she dated in her past.

In the sneak peek for the upcoming episode, Jacqueline is seen getting ready as Ian stood behind her while reading a quote from an article written by Miles.

"The moment I say her, I fell in love all over again. And when she smiled, showing her vulnerability, I wanted to devour all her pain," he read.

He then turned his attention to his wife and asked whether the article was written about her. Jacqueline reminded him that they were separated at the time, before adding that Miles was simply doing what writers do. Ian then questioned why she would keep the magazine tucked away in her nightstand, but she had no answer for him.

It's unclear whether the pair will manage to save their marriage on the show, but off-screen Hardin and Jackson couldn't be doing better as a married couple -- they have been married for 23 years. Hardin said it's been challenging to bring this storyline to life because of stark differences between the two relationships.

However, despite the challenging story arc, she said it was important to her to showcase the highs and lows of long-term relationships, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

"Television often portrays marriage as either all bliss and perfection or everyone's falling apart. So I wanted [Ian and Jacqueline] to face some challenges but I wanted them to try to handle those things with grace, intelligence, friendship, and love," she said.

Hardin also made her directorial debut this season, stepping behind the camera to direct last week's episode -- titled "Snow Day" -- which saw Ian first discover the magazine that contained Miles' article.