WWE News: Former Superstar Says She’s Done With Wrestling ‘For The Foreseeable Future’

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Sarah Logan was one of many WWE superstars to be released from their contracts as part of the company’s cost-cutting measures back in April. In recent weeks, there has been some speculation suggesting that she’ll return to WWE eventually, but Logan has put those rumors to bed by revealing that she’s done with wrestling for now.

Logan revealed on Instagram that she wants to focus on other ventures for the “foreseeable future.” While she didn’t state what all of her plans are, she vowed to keep fans in the loop through her social media accounts.

“Wrestling is all I’ve known since I was 17 so it’s time I let myself focus on other things and explored other parts of myself. My Instagram is going to be different but I promise it will always reflect me. So if you wanna take this crazy ride then buckle up because things have been moving faster than I can keep up.”

Logan went on to say that fans can also keep up-to-date with her post-WWE efforts on The Wild and Free TV, a YouTube series that chronicles her journey, featuring episodes about hunting, shooting, homesteading, training, wrestling and more. Raymond Rowe co-hosts the series with the former WWE superstar.

Logan’s fans showed up in the comments section to share their support for the former WWE superstar. “You’re light and you will shine no matter where you go,” wrote one user. Another fan noted how her supporters will always be behind her, regardless of what she decides to do moving forward.

As noted by WrestlingNews.co, Logan’s decision to step away from wrestling might also have something to do with her MMA ambitions. The former Monday Night Raw superstar has revealed her intention to step into the octagon in recent months, and continuing to wrestle could interfere with those plans.

Logan is keeping her MMA plans close to the vest for now, but she’ll undoubtedly keep fans informed of her plans as they progress. It’s not uncommon for wrestlers to try MMA after stepping away from the ring, and WWE alumni such as Brock Lesnar and Jack Swagger have been successful in the octagon.

During her time in WWE, Logan was a member of the Riott Squad faction. While Logan’s looking at life beyond WWE now, her former teammates — Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan — may be reuniting. It’s unknown if Logan was approached to be a part of the potential reformation, but her latest revelation suggests that she isn’t interested in being a part of it.