Ben Affleck Pulls Daddy Duty While Jennifer Garner Returns To Work

“It’s work, but it’s the best work there is, and there’s no one else I’d rather work with.” That’s what Actor and director Ben Affleck said of his marriage to actress Jennifer Garner after accepting the Oscar for Best Picture. Though the remark was controversial for stupid reasons, Ben and Jen are showing us exactly what he meant this summer as he becomes a stay-at-home dad, and she returns to work.

At the premiere of Affleck’s To the Wonder, Affleck told reporters that he’s going to pull daddy duty at home this summer so that Jennifer Garner can go back to work.

“She told me to go to the gym, I’m preparing myself,” the acclaimed 40-year-old director said. “I’m going to take on some more of the burden.”

Over the past couple of years, Garner’s career has seemingly taken the back seat to her family duties. She has starred in a handful of roles, but Affleck has been the busier of the two, working practically non-stop on To the Wonder, Runner, Runner, and his Oscar-winning film Argo.

But the A-list couple are apparently working out a way to keep both of their careers thriving, with one engaging in a huge work push while the other stays at home with daughters Violet, 7, Seraphina 4, and son Samuel, 13 months.

Now, it’s Affleck’s turn.

“She’s got a couple of movies coming up,” Affleck said. “There’s going to be a little Mr. Mom action and I’m going to get back in the ring.”

Still, even Garner has admitted that Affleck tends to take on more work that she does in a recent interview with The Telegraph, but said that it’s her choice to stay at home.

“I definitely work less because Ben is so busy but we have three kids, that’s just part of the deal. I want to be a mom,” she said. “I’m happy for him that he’s as energized about work right now as he is. He should be out there doing it. That’s just what makes sense for our family.”

But Affleck has been lovingly encouraging his wife not to ignore her own career.

“Ben’s always saying, ‘You need to work, it’s a part of you and you’re a different person when you’re working,'” she said. “I’ve reserved this summer [for work]. It’s mine.'”

Don’t you just love these two?

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