Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow Reveal Their Favorite Moments From ‘Friends’

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow recently took a hilarious walk down memory lane as they recalled their favorite moments from Friends.

Ahead of the long-awaited Friends reunion, the two real-life pals interviewed each other for Variety’s Actors on Actors issue. In that issue, Aniston remembered surprising details of her first table read with Kudrow and co-star Courteney Cox, then admitted she still cracks up over the show’s blooper reel.

Aniston first recalled that Kudrow was wearing “an appropriate Phoebe Buffay” outfit during their first table read more than 25 years ago, including a “white linen, hippie shirt,” and “a bunch of seashells and necklaces.” Aniston further recalled that Kudrow had styled her hair up, bound by two little clips, while Cox wore a pink T-shirt with white trim. Ironically, Aniston didn’t remember what she wore to the read.

During the interview, Aniston dished that she loves stumbling on a Friends episode — and that one time when she was was with Cox, who played Monica Geller on the Emmy-winning comedy from 1994 – 2004, the two watched online bloopers for hours. The Friends star added that what she loves most is watching a scene and remembering where the cast “broke” while shooting it — especially Kudrow, who would break the fourth wall during filming.

“You would say the punchline, and you would always turn to the audience and say, ‘I’m sorry, it’s really funny,'” Aniston reminded her co-star.

The Friends star also recalled “the scene when the bagpipes happened” as one of the funniest ever.

“The bagpipes — where you started to sing full 100%-sounding like the bagpipe — I couldn’t hold it together,” Aniston told Kudrow.

“No one could hold it together.”

Aniston could be seen trying to hide her laughter as she sat next to Kudrow in the scene from the Season 7 episode “The One With Joey’s New Brain.” A clip from the episode is available via YouTube. Kudrow previously told E! News that the bagpipes episode was her favorite from the long-running series.

Kudrow referenced another favorite scene — this one from the episode “The One Where Everybody Finds Out,” during which her character, Phoebe, and Aniston’s Rachel see Monica and Chandler (Mathew Perry) kissing through the apartment window. Phoebe famously yells, “My eyes! My eyes!,” but Kudrow said she asked Perry permission on her delivery, because she felt like she sounded almost like Perry’s Chandler. Perry apparently told Kudrow to go for it.

Kudrow also admitted she’s had a “commitment” problem since Friends wrapped.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh, it was such hard work for 10 years'” she explained.

“It wasn’t just committing to a role… We all still love each other. Our cast is like that, and that’s why that worked. I think part of me died. I can’t do that again.”

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