Marie Osmond Honors The ‘Incredible Integrity’ Of Her Late Father George On Instagram

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Marie Osmond honored her father George’s “incredible integrity” and many of his other positive attributes in an Instagram post dedicated to the late Osmond family patriarch for Father’s Day. She shared her lengthy explanation of many of the life lessons she had learned from her father as well as how his teachings had continued to shape her in adulthood as she married, began her own family, and became a grandparent.

Marie explained on the social media site that she will always think of her father first whenever she needs to make a decision. Marie stated she always looks to what she believes her father would do in certain situations and then takes that path. She believed that her father always led with his heart, then his head when deciding a direction to steer their large family, which included his wife Olive as well as Marie’s brothers Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, and Jimmy.

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In the history of fathers, there have been some great ones... and there have been some, shall we say, near misses. Some dads are examples of what TO do and some are examples of what NOT to do. I also know there are many relationships that can’t be fixed with a Hallmark card... but this #FathersDay I want to remember our dads for what they have done well. I think about my dad all the time, I think about him when I have to make a business decision. My dad had incredible integrity so I would think, “What would my dad do?” I think about him when my children come to me with a challenge… “what would my dad say?” I think about him when I’m down... “how did he keep going when things were so hard?” I think about him when my family is sitting around the table laughing and eating, and I say to myself, “I wish my dad was here!” If there was a way to have one more conversation with my dad, and I think anyone who has lost a parent wishes that, I would like one more time to say thank you. I would like just one more story, one more hug, one more walk together talking about nothing and everything. But if there was one thing I could say to my dad, I would thank him for loving my mom. I think that was the most important thing my dad did for me and my brothers. By how he loved my mom he showed me what to look for in a husband. The way he treated her taught me what it meant to be loyal to someone through good and bad times. Through his example by how he loved my mom, I knew not to ever settle for less as a woman, and I didn’t. By how he treated my mom with respect and genuine love, I knew women were truly daughters of God and of incredible worth. Knowing that has helped me more than anything else my father taught me. And to know this is the power that helps me every day. Because of my dad’s heart, I had the courage to try again with the love of my life (who had one of the best dads ever as well and encouraged us to get back together!????). I am so grateful I did because my husband is just like my dad in so many ways.????I hope today is a wonderful day for all to remember the best things about the dad in your life... my love to you all and the good men in your lives ????♥️

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The Talk host noted that she was most grateful for the way George loved her mother Olive so deeply. She stated that through these actions, it helped her look for similar qualities in a husband and to not settle for less as a woman. She also implored her followers to be grateful for all the good men in their lives.

Marie’s Instagram followers shared their own sentiments in the comments section.

“I will always be grateful that you and your brothers were generous to share your parents with the world. It gave all of us an example of what was possible in the world,” remarked one follower of the way the Osmond clan allowed each fan to feel they too were a part of their extended family.

“Lovely couple, I know how special they were to you!!” stated a second fan.

“Picture that say a thousand words happy father day father Osmond,” said a third Instagram follower.

“Aww Marie, I’m crying. I’m so happy that you & Steve found each other again. I know your Dad was always proud of you throughout your life, & I’m sure he is so happy you took the chance to try again for your eternal love & happiness,” said a fourth fan.

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Happy Anniversary my love!!!????????

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Marie was first married to Steve Craig, seen in the image above, from 1982 through 1985 and with whom she had her first son, Stephen. Marie then wed Brian Blosil in 1986, and they remained together until 2007. Marie then remarried Steven in 2011. She is also a mother to Jessica, Michael, Rachael, Brianna, Abigail, Matthew, and Brandon.