Ashleigh Jordan Shows Off Sculpted Backside In Side Booty Workout

A close-up of Ashleigh Jordan's face.
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan took to popular social media site Instagram on Sunday, June 21, to post her latest workout video that targeted the side booty.

For the workout, Ashleigh chose an outfit from her personal activewear brand, NVGTN, that consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The top featured double spaghetti straps that crossed along the model’s upper back, leaving plenty of sculpted back and shoulder muscle on display. The strip of fabric along the back of the bra also included several cutouts, showing off even more skin. The lilac leggings rose high on the fitness trainer’s hips but allowed a small peek of toned tummy to be seen between Ashleigh’s upper and lower body. The leggings outlined the curve of Ashleigh’s sculpted backside and legs.

For footwear, Ashleigh chose a pair of white sneakers. She accessorized with a thin silver necklace, a diamond ring on her left hand, and a pair of glitzy earrings. She wore her long, blond tresses pulled back into a ponytail to keep her hair from falling in her face while she worked out, and appeared to have added a bit of eye makeup and lip gloss to make her facial features pop.

The workout consisted of four different side-booty exercises. Ashleigh appeared to carry out the routine in a gym setting but did not use any machines to complete the moves. The equipment she used included an exercise mat, resistance band, and flat weight.

The first move in the circuit was the extended abduction variation. Ashleigh positioned her body in a side plank with her knee bent on the floor. With the other leg outstretched, she moved it up toward the ceiling and back down in repetitive movements. The second exercise was the glute bridge with abduction. Ashleigh lay on her back with the resistance band wrapped just below her knees and pushed her hips up to the ceiling and back down.

The third exercise in Ashleigh’s workout was the lying weighted abduction, a move that required her to lie on her side with a weight resting against her hip as she lifted her outer leg up and down. The final exercise that she demonstrated was the curtsy step-up, using an exercise bench.

In the caption of the post, Ashleigh told her followers that the side booty moves could be done at home or at the gym and that they would get her trainees’ booties burning.

The post earned over 40,000 likes and more than 200 comments within the first several hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.