Check Out Axl Rose’s Haircut As He Parties In London [Pics]

Axl Rose got a haircut, everyone, and made headlines after he was spotted out and about with a harem of womenfolk in London this week.

While Axl Rose‘s haircut is not necessarily world-changing news, we do have to say the aging rocker looks worlds better than he has in recent years — and seems to have laid off whatever he was doing to his face that made him look a bit plasticky and weird.

Besides Axl Rose’s haircut, you can also tell he has maybe had a little work done — but overall, the rocker looks better and more natural than he has in years. He’s definitely not the shirtless, 80s, long-haired Guns N’ Roses frontman anymore, but he is rocking the middle-aged look and kind of actually looks more manly and distinguished than he did back in the day anyway.

Axl hit up Tonteria, a club in London’s Sloane Square, and was snapped staggering out with a gaggle of females. The musician and only remaining GNR member was dressed in a long black coat and scarf, and sported several distinctive rings alongside his freshly bobbed ginger ‘do.

Britain’s Daily Maildescribed Rose’s look on his Monday night club jaunt, explaining that the rocker was spotted leaving with four women in a taxi, and adding:

“Wearing a pair of loose-fitting blue jeans, a printed T-shirt and the long, black coat, the November Rain singer looked like he’d stepped straight out of the 1990s … Although he may have looked a little chunkier than when he bounded around on stage bare-chested back in the day, Axl seemed to be sticking to his tried and tested style.”

The paper adds:

“He finished off his look with a number of huge rings on his fingers, long chain necklaces and a bandana wrapped around his wrist.”

You can check out a series of pics of Axl Rose’s haircut below — do you think the shorter look suits the 51-year-old star?