Kim Jong Un Grease Photos Probably Some Other Korean Named Kim

So, about those Kim Jong-Un Grease rumors. North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong-Un, the inept master of whackadoo threats and nuclear brinksmanship, could probably give Kim Kardashian herself a run for the money in the attention-whore Olympics, but c’mon. I’m going to need more evidence that he was ever onstage in a 1990s school performance of the musical Grease.

Yes, yes, UK tabloid The Sun published some grainy black-and-white photographs yesterday that supposedly showed some allegedly Korean guy named Kim who was supposedly involved in a performance at a school in Berne, Switzerland. Now, maybe I’m revealing too much about my age, but can we all agree that digital color photography, especially for school events at ritzy £16,000 a year boarding schools, was widely available in the 1990s?

Can we also agree that Kim is the single most popular name in Korea, with around 45 percent of Koreans, from both the north and the south, holding the name?

I guess I’m saying that I might believe that the The Sun maybe got photos of some Korean kid, who may or may not have been named Kim, who may or may not have been in a play in the 1990s. As for the unnamed “pals” alleged to say that he loved “comics and Jurassic Park,” that’s a pretty safe guess. What boy doesn’t like comics? Who didn’t like Jurassic Park?

I’m not the only one who detects the distinct scent of steaming horse hockey in the Kim Jong-Un Grease claims. The Washington Post pointed out that he attended a different boarding school from 1998-2000, not the boarding school shown in the photos and dated by The Sun from 1994-1997.

WP concluded that the photos might — and I put the emphasis on the word might — be Kim Jong-Un’s brother, Kim Jong Chol.

Maybe. It still doesn’t address the question of why you’d send your kids to boarding schools with sky-high tuition fees and yet you’re too cheap to spring for full-color photographs when your kid appears in the school play. I’m not saying that the whole story was invented out of thin air.

But I’ll confess that I’m thinking it — even though the WP admittedly makes a decent argument that the brothers were repeatedly mixed-up by accident in the media when they were younger. So it isn’t a huge stretch that it was The Sun reporter who got jerked around by the playful self-proclaimed Kim pals, rather than the reporter herself who kinda, sorta knew it wasn’t really him.

All things considered, it’s a pretty harmless trick. Considering that Kim Jong-Un has become infamous for ridiculous publicity stunts like “basketball diplomacy” with eccentric Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, not to mention his escalating and ever-more outrageous threats of nuclear doom, he has to expect that some people can’t help but laugh.

Kim Jong-Un a Grease actor in a leather jacket? It’s funny but just another fake.

[North Korea photo by Michael Day via Wikipedia Commons]