Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Shows Off Chiseled Figure In Tiny Booty Shorts For Lower Body Workout

A close-up of Lauren Simpson's face.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson took to Instagram on Thursday, June 18 to post a new workout video that featured lower body exercises.

For the clip, the fitness trainer highlighted her killer physique in an all-purple outfit that consisted of a sports bra and booty shorts. The top included wide shoulder straps that crossed along the upper back and showed off a bit of her chiseled shoulder muscles. A gap between the top and shorts showed off Lauren’s fitness-honed midsection. The tiny shorts rose high on her hips and included a pinched design along the material of the backside. They ended just below her booty, giving viewers an eyeful of her muscular legs.

Lauren completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers covered in multi-colored designs and had on a black exercise watch as well. She pulled her long platinum blond tresses into a low ponytail that trailed down her back and kept loose fly-aways from falling in her eyes with a bobby pin. The model also appeared to have made up her face with thick black lashes, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

She carried out the workout in an idyllic ocean-side location. According to the geotag, Lauren was visiting Clovelly Beach in Sydney. She completed a total of six exercises, using only a resistance band for equipment.

In the first video, she demonstrated goblet squats with elevated heels. She completed 10 lunges next, following up with five jump lunges on each leg. In the third video, Lauren tackled some lateral lunges with elevated heels while in the fourth, she performed reverse lunge to curtsy lunges. The fifth exercise was the Bulgarian split squat and the sixth consisted of plank step-outs using the resistance band. The final exercise in the routine was the plank fire hydrant.

In the caption of the post, Lauren wrote out the exercises and specified the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each. She also noted that — while many gyms around Australia have re-opened — she still wanted to post workouts people could do at home, just in case their own gyms were closed or they didn’t feel comfortable going to them yet. Lauren added that the lower body workout can be done at home or outside and that she’s found a new appreciation for minimal equipment training.

The lower body workout earned a few thousand likes and several dozen comments within an hour.

“I looove this, everything you do Lauren, you are a very big inspiration to me since day 1, LOOVE YOU, stay as you are xxxx,” one adoring fan wrote.