June 18, 2020
Republican Group Questions Donald Trump's Health In New Ad: 'We're Not Doctors, But We're Not Blind'

The Lincoln Project, a super PAC run by former Republican Party operatives, has released an advertisement questioning President Donald Trump's health, The Hill reported on Wednesday.

The 45-second ad highlights Trump's Saturday appearance at West Point. During his speech, the president appeared to struggle to drink out of a glass of water. After delivering the commencement, he seemed to falter and stumble while going down a ramp from the stage.

Trump's behavior at the event prompted speculation about his wellness and fitness for office.

Dr. James Merikangas, a board-certified neurologist and clinical professor of neuropsychiatry, described the commander-in-chief's behavior as "suspicious," pointing out that people with balance issues usually have damage in the frontal lobe of their brain. Merikangas also noted that Trump has "abnormal" posture, which could be a sign of certain neurological issues.

The Lincoln Project's ad features footage of Trump seemingly struggling to walk. "Something's wrong with Donald Trump. He's shaky, weak, trouble speaking, trouble walking. So why aren't we talking about this?" the ad says.

"The most powerful office in the world needs more than a weak, unfit, shaky president. Trump doesn't have the strength to lead, nor the character to admit it," a narrator can be heard saying.

"We're not doctors, but we're not blind. It's time we talk about this."
Trump has dismissed speculation about his health. In a recent Twitter message, the president said that the ramp was "very slippery," attacking the "Fake News" media.

"Final ten feet I ran down to level ground. Momentum!" he tweeted.

As The Hill noted, the Lincoln Project has also released an ad slamming Trump for deciding to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event was initially scheduled to take place on Juneteenth, but the president's team reversed the decision.

According to Stuart Stevens, senior adviser to The Lincoln Project, Trump's decision to hold a campaign rally "in the location of the worst race massacre in American history tells voters all they need to know about him."

The group has released dozens of anti-Trump ads. In one of its recent advertisements, it accused the president of mishandling the federal government's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ad drew a parallel between Trump and late Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower, slamming Trump for refusing to take responsibility amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Among the most prominent members of the group are Republican Party strategists Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, and Rick Wilson. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's husband George Conway is also a member.