‘Breastaurant’ Trademark Registered By Bikinis Restaurant Chain

A “breastaurant” trademark has been registered by the owners of restaurant chain Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, giving the Texas-based franchise exclusive rights to the term “breastaurant.”

“Breastaurant,” a catch-all term to describe any eatery where scantily-clad waitresses serve your chicken wings, is now off-limits to all other breastaurants. The likes of Hooters, Twin Peaks, and Canz may no longer use the terminology.

Doug Guller, founder and CEO of Bikinis, dispatched a press release announcing that the “breastaurant” trademark had been secured through the US Patent and Trademark Office. Says Guller:

“We’re really excited about receiving this federal trademark. Our team has worked hard over the last seven years to offer a unique experience to our fans. It just further solidifies that Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill is America’s ONLY breastaurant®.”

The popularity of restaurants such as Bikinis and its rivals has rocketed in recent years, with more and more so-called “breastaurants” — sorry, breast-themed restaurants — coming to the market. Bikinis, which hires waitresses in low-cut bikini-style tops and short jean skirts, has plans to expand from 14 to 50 eateries in the next five years.

It’s far from being the only success story either. Sports bar and grill chain Twin Peaks now has 31 locations nationwide, up from just eight in 2008. And Canz, a New York-based roadhouse-themed sports bar that launched in the middle of the 2008 recession, saw profits soar over $2 million in its first year.

With an increasing number of competitors, industry leader Hooters has seen its profits drop slightly. As Drew Neisser of Renegade Marketing Group tells ABC:

“Hooters should be very scared. The category can only grow so much. Tilted Kilt and the others are stealing Hooters’ customers.”