WWE Rumors: Current 'Raw' Champion Won't Lose Push Due To Paul Heyman's Demotion

Asuka has had a bit of an up-and-down trip through WWE's three main rosters. However, new rumors claim that the current Raw Women's Champion will stay on top of the red brand despite Paul Heyman's demotion.

Heyman's recent removal as executive director of Monday Night Raw had fans thinking that some superstars were in trouble. It is no secret that Asuka was and still is a favorite of Heyman. That has led to many thinking WWE would end her push as a main-event superstar and have her drop her title.

According to WrestleTalk, Asuka is in no danger of losing her push or position as the Raw Women's Champion. At this past Sunday's Backlash, she fought Nia Jax to a double count-out, which allowed her to retain her title.

The next night on Raw, the two had a rematch that saw Asuka retain her title again with a quick roll-up. Her victory wasn't overly convincing, though, as Jax shoved the referee to the mat right before the pin, almost leading to her disqualification.

Asuka celebrates after being awarded the Raw Women's Championship.

In the month-and-a-half before her two victories over Jax, Asuka was in a mere three matches with one victory. Charlotte Flair even defeated her on two separate episodes of Raw, one of which was a clean pinfall. That had many speculating that the "Empress of Tomorrow" was on her way out of the spotlight.

A lot of fans jumped on WWE's case due to how they were booking Asuka. They simply didn't believe that a champion needed to lose so often and be portrayed as someone who has a hard time winning. The ending at Backlash was seemingly designed with the intention to protect Jax as opposed to hurting Asuka.

The report from WrestleTalk states that the demotion of Heyman is not going to hurt her whatsoever. WWE chairman Vince McMahon is reportedly very high on Asuka and wants to focus on her as a "top player in the WWE women's division."

Despite fans not always enjoying how Asuka is booked, she has had a great deal of success since signing with WWE. She is the longest-reigning NXT Women's Champion of all time and has held the Raw, SmackDown, and Women's Tag Team Championships on the main roster.

Not only does McMahon reportedly see her as a top performer now, but some higher-ups feel she can be even bigger while Becky Lynch misses time due to her pregnancy. For the next year, and possibly beyond, it looks like Asuka will be a part of the main event scene on Raw or any brand she may end up on.