‘SimCity’ Gets Its Cheetah Speed Back

SimCity has finally gotten cheetah speed put back into the always online game. Back when the game launched, Maxis and EA were having so many problems dealing with server issues that they cut down on several basic features of the game.

Among those features that were eventually removed was the cheetah speed which allows gamers to speed up the time that passes in the game to its fastest rate.

Not surprisingly, there were plenty of gamers who weren’t particularly happy that a feature that had been included in so many of the past versions of the game was suddenly being yanked out.

Even more gamers were plenty unhappy that it was being yanked out because the always online feature was causing problems with the servers. Most people who played the game would have been perfectly happy to have done away with the always online feature instead.

SimCity makers EA has announced on their Facebook and Twitter pages that the feature has finally been put back in, more than a month after it was originally taken out. It’s safe to say that most average gamers either thought the speed was already back in since there hadn’t been any mention lately.

When they turned the feature off, Maxis and EA had talked about not wanting to run “non-critical” features in order to reduce the load on the servers. The fact that the servers are only now apparently healthy enough to have these kinds of features back might be concerning.

In order to keep players happy while the servers were imploding, EA and Maxis had to give away free games. This time the companies are apparently offering up a teaser for a version 2.0 update of the game.

There are very few details offered up about what this update could include but EA’s official sites says that people should stay tuned for more info.

Have you played SimCity yet or will you play it now that it has its cheetah speed back?