‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ For iOS Won’t Have Paid Power-ups

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will not have paid power-ups when the game is ported over to the iOS platform. The game’s designer, Jake Solomon recently sat down with IGN to talk about the game actually moving to the iPad and iPhone and he talked about some of the features the game would have.

Among those features that he was adamant would not be included in the port would be all of the different kinds of power-ups that are so prevalent in other mobile device games.

When he was specifically asked whether there would be a way to get more powerful teammates or better weapons simply by paying a bunch of money through in-app purchases, Solomon replied, “Oh God, please no … My food would taste like ashes in my mouth.”

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming out this summer, though exactly when and exactly what it will cost has not been divulged yet. The game is reported to be a full port of the one that gamers know and love.

People will be able to use two fingers in order to rotate the camera and get a new point of view in the game. The will also be able to tap a location on the game map in order to queue up a movement order for their troops.

2K China has been lending a hand actually getting the title moved over from consoles and the PC onto the mobile device. The touch screen interface can be tricky for developers, especially when talking about a port, rather than a completely redesigned game.

2K China has had plenty of experience doing this kind of work, as they are the ones that brought over Sid Meier’s Pirates! and a whole host of other 2K video games.

Solomon said that the main hoop the developers had to jump through was figuring out a way to get the storage to move over to the new platform. In the end, he said that the company was able to cut down the map count, without hurting the game at all.

Are you going to be playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown when it hits iOS?