Google Search App For iOS Receives Bug Fixes, Still Lacks Google Now

The Google search app for iOS released an update on Tuesday, but Google Now was nowhere to be seen.

The new update was released to fix some minor bugs that were discovered since Google’s last iOS search release.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that the next iOS release from Google would bring with it the Google Now platform, a system currently only available for Google Android smartphone users.

In mid-March, the company watched as a leaked video with an alleged look at Google Now for iOS devices. The video showed Google Now built right into the Google Search feature.

Following the leaked video, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said the ball was in Apple’s court to accept the app. Apple, in the meantime, said Google never actually submitted the new Google Now included platform.

While Apple claimed that the Google Now app was never submitted, many analysts believed Google would use the search app to push through its new platform.

While Google Now is not yet available via the Google Search iOS app, that doesn’t mean Google won’t push the platform out in the near future.

Here is a video that discusses the rumored addition of Google Now via the Apple iOS app:

Apple and Google have been at odds with one another over the last several years. The two companies most recently bumped heads over the Apple Maps platform. With one year remaining on their contract, Apple chose to terminate its relationship with the built-in Google Maps platform. What followed was one of Apple’s biggest platform launch failures in history.

Apple has promised to better its mapping software and has hired some of Google’s former maps specialists to help with the process.

Do you think Google Now will ultimately win over Apple iOS users, or will Apple fight back against the new mobile technology?