Joe Biden Is ‘Missing The Mark’ By Playing The ‘Race Card,’ Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Says

Democratic presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden addresses a crowd at a town hall event at Clinton College on August 29, 2019 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

In a Saturday interview on Fox & Friends Weekend, Dr. Alveda King, who is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, spoke of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his comparison of George Floyd’s death to King Jr.’s assassination. As reported by Breitbart, King accused Biden of playing the “race card.”

“President Trump says that we all bleed the same,” she said.

“We are one nation under God. Uncle Joe, as they call him — many do — is in his basement missing the mark. And he is out of touch with reality.”

King claimed that Biden’s decision to parallel to two deaths is “stirring the race card up,” although she noted some comparisons between both men. Regardless, King accused Biden of “fighting over skin color” and urged the former vice president to reconsider his message.

“You know, we are one race — [the] human race — one blood. We can see you, Uncle Joe. And we’re listening. But you have the wrong message, Uncle Joe.”

Biden’s comment came at a Thursday roundtable discussion in Philadelphia, The Hill reported.

“Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” he said.

Floyd’s death at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has sparked protests and civil unrest around the country that The Hill called some of the “most widespread” since the 1960s. Biden argued that the impact of Floyd’s death is more widespread due to the number of people who saw the cellphone footage of the incident. The former vice president compared the modern use of cellphone technology to the positive impact that television had on the Civil Rights movement by spotlighting Bull Connor and his use of police dogs and firehoses on protesters.

Although Biden has pushed back against calls to defund police departments and funnel money into social programs, he has expressed support for police reform to deal with racism by creating systemic changes in both law enforcement and the economy.

Biden has landed himself in hot water multiple times for his comments on racial issues. As The Inquisitr reported, Biden previously suggested that African Americans who support Donald Trump are not black, which caused backlash across the political spectrum. Notably, top Democrat James Clyburn, who is considered by many to be the catalyst for Biden’s comeback, criticized the former vice president’s comment during an appearance on The View. Nevertheless, Clyburn doubled down on his support for Biden and appeared to forgive him for the controversial remark.