The Number Of Republicans Willing To Break From Donald Trump Grows

President Donald Trump is up for the fight of his political career in November, and it appears that he will have fewer Republicans behind him than he has in recent years.

According to a report in Forbes, multiple high profile Republicans have taken a stand against the controversial president, putting him in a potentially vulnerable position for the upcoming election.

Those included in the exodus is a former presidential candidate and now senator, Mitt Romney of Utah, as well as Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, who told reporters last week that she was “struggling” with whether or not to vote for the president, Forbes reported.

Both Romney and Murkowski have had issues with specific Trump policies, causing them to voice their concern about the president’s potential for a second term. However, they’re not alone in their doubt.

Colin Powell, the secretary of state under the second Bush administration, withdrew his support for the current president earlier this week. This was shortly after it was reported that George W. Bush would not be voting for the incumbent. Bush’s support is still considered unconfirmed, per the Texas Tribune. A spokesperson for the former president said at a later date that the reports were unfounded.

Lack of loyalty within his party’s own ranks comes on the heels of widespread outrage over racism, police brutality, and an ongoing struggle against a worldwide pandemic which has crippled the nation’s economy.

In addition to fellow party members, the president has lost the confidence of some military leaders as well. That includes Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark A. Milley, who said on Thursday that he regretted standing with the president at his now infamous photo-op outside of St. John’s Episcopal Church the day after riots broke out in front of the White House.

Additionally, Defense Secretary Mark Esper stood against the president on the issue of active-duty solderers being stationed in United States cities to deal with riots, according to Forbes. Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis called the president out directly in an Op-Ed where he said he was “angry and appalled” that he has seen police officers “violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens.”

The lack of confidence for the president appears to have stemmed in part from his decision to come down hard on any demonstrators who have allowed their protesting to become violent. Trump has not only heavily beefed up security in Washington D.C. but threatened to do so in other violent epicenters as well.

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