Carrie-Anne Moss Signs On For ‘Pompeii’

Carrie-Anne Moss has signed on to co-star in Paul W.S. Anderson’s Pompeii.

The action-adventure flick is the latest cinematic endeavor from the director of Event Horizon and Resident Evil. The movie follows the budding romance between Milo and Flavia prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. It’s kind of like James Cameron’s Titanic, except with a volcano.

Deadline has learned that Carrie-Anne Moss will play the role of Flavia’s mother in the film. The Matrix star will likely join up with the rest of the cast and crew in Toronto. Production on the flick began last month in Pompeii.

Moss isn’t the only actress to recently sign on for the upcoming disaster movie. Evil Dead actress Jessica Lucas has also joined the cast of Pompeii. She will reportedly play a slave who is also a friend to Flavia.

Summit Entertainment describes the movie as follows:

“The film centers on Milo, the slave of a shipping tycoon who dreams of the day he can buy his freedom and marry his master’s daughter. What Milo doesn’t know is that she’s already been promised to a corrupt Roman senator, while he’s been sold to another owner in Naples. Just when things can’t get any worse, Mt. Vesuvius erupts, prompting Milo to head back to Pompeii to rescue his love and his best friend, a gladiator who’s trapped in the city’s coliseum.”

In addition to Carrie-Anne Moss and Jessica Lucas, Paul W.S. Anderson’s romantic adventure also features Kit Harington, Emily Browning, Jared Harris, Kiefer Sutherland, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

Although production is currently underway on the project, Lionsgate has yet to secure a specific release date. Reports suggest that the movie will be ready to go at some point next year.

When Carrie-Anne Moss isn’t contending with impending volcanic eruptions, she can be found tackling the role of Katherine O’Connell on the CBS series Vegas.

Are you looking forward to Paul W.S. Anderson’s Pompeii? What do you think about Carrie-Anne Moss and Jessica Lucas joining the cast?