New Season Of ‘Counting On’ Has Been Pushed Back 1 Week, Duggar Family Returns On July 7

It appears that the new season of TLC’s Counting On has a different premiere date than was originally announced. The Duggar family was supposed to return at the end of June. However, the network took to the show’s official Facebook page on Wednesday to let fans know the start of the new season has been set back one week. The new premiere date is July 7.

Duggar fans were excited to learn their favorite show would be coming back for another season. There had been rumors floating around on social media that Counting On may be ending, but they seem to have been unfounded. Just two weeks ago, an official announcement from TLC said the show was indeed returning for a new season, which would be premiering on Tuesday, June 30, although that date has now been pushed back. There has been no explanation so far on why the network made the change.

In addition to telling fans the show would be starting a bit later than originally planned, the network also shared some highlights from the new season. These included the birth episodes of Josiah and Lauren, John David and Abbie, and Joe and Kendra, as well as the pregnancy announcement from Jinger and Jeremy. The couple suffered a miscarriage last year and the timing of this announcement during the Christmas season seems to coincide with that pregnancy. Jinger is expecting another baby, a girl, this November.

At the beginning of the sneak peek clip, Jeremy is seen bungee jumping off a tall building while Jinger and their daughter, Felicity, wait anxiously below. Their big move to Los Angeles a year ago will also be one of the highlights in the new season.

TLC had previously teased that a new courtship may be at hand with one of the older single kids. Jana Duggar is seen in the promotional clip talking about how it gets tiring with everyone always asking her if she has a boyfriend. However, she also mentioned she wouldn’t mind having a relationship. It was also hinted last season in the promo video that she may be courting, but that was just a tease. It may be the same this time as well.

In the premiere episode on July 7, the COVID-19 crisis will be addressed by the Duggar family as they reveal how they have handled being away from their loved ones during this time. They made masks for the entire family and hand delivered them to their loved ones, staying a safe distance away.

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