WWE Rumors: Hall Of Famer Reportedly Got Into Heated Backstage Argument At ‘NXT Takeover: In Your House’

George Floyd’s death while in the custody of a police officer has divided American citizens. The incident has spawned a wave of Black Lives Matter protests that have resulted in riots, and concerns regarding systematic racism and inequality have been at the forefront of the sociopolitical conversation. However, different people have their own views on these matters, including WWE’s Shawn Michaels.

As reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, by way of WrestlingNews.co, the Hall of Famer got into a “heated debate” with a colleague at NXT Takeover: In Your House this weekend.

According to the report, Michaels was discussing issues pertaining to America’s current sociopolitical climate with a producer who believes that everyone in the country receives the same treatment, regardless of their face.

Michaels allegedly took issue with this viewpoint, however, and went on to discuss — in a “heated” manner — how people of color in the United States face systematic prejudice and inequality. Fightful Select also stated that he broke down the reasons for supporting this belief.

Multiple wrestlers and backstage personnel subsequently learned about the argument the following day, but they didn’t report any further grievances between Michaels and the producer. In fact, according to an unnamed source, “The Heartbreak Kid” and the employee were able to put their differences aside and go about their jobs as usual.

The report doesn’t state who the producer in question is, or which wrestlers and employees were present at the time. However, a follow-up article from Fightful also notes how the argument claims may have been blown out of proportion, as one employee claimed it was a civilized conversation for the most part. The producer was supposedly overheard saying that Michaels “got hot” at him, though.

Last week, the company released a statement to reiterate its commitment to inclusion and support of Floyd’s family. However, while WWE’s official stance appears to be behind the Black Lives Matter movement’s cause, not every employee is in agreement. This story is merely the latest to suggest that the backstage environment isn’t unified at the moment.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, Friday Night SmackDown‘s Jaxson Ryker received criticism from several workers after he tweeted his support of Donald Trump’s handling of the current situation, which led to some old social media posts resurfacing in which he described Black Lives Matter as “garbage.”

Ryker reportedly doesn’t have backstage heat, however, as other employees — including the McMahon family — are politically conservative and are fans of the president.

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