Gymnasts Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson Wear Old Leotards For ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge With Hilarious Twist

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Olympic gymnasts Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson teamed up to take on the “Wipe It Down” challenge in an entertaining video that Nastia shared with her 1 million Instagram followers on Wednesday. The video included an unexpected twist ending had her fans in hysterics.

The “Wipe It Down” challenge is a social media craze that’s become especially popular on TikTok. It involves using a mirror, a towel, glass spray, a wardrobe change or two, and clever editing to create a quick transformation that almost seems magical.

At the beginning of their video, Nastia, 30, and Shawn, 28, were standing in front of a full-length mirror. Nastia was clad in a white baby tee and a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. As for Shawn, she rocked an all-black ensemble that included a V-neck top, baggy pants, and a moto jacket. Both women wore their hair down.

Shawn sprayed the mirror with a few spritzes of some form of liquid, and Nastia wiped a towel across the mirror. She timed her movements to match the words of the BMW Kenny song, “Wipe It Down,” which played over the video.

After the third wipe, Nastia and Shawn’s reflections suddenly changed. They both had their hair pulled back in sleek ponytails, and they were rocking the iconic bedazzled leotards that they used to compete in during their gymnastics days. Nastia wore pink with a high cut that highlighted her slender legs. Shawn’s leotard was red, and she opted to wear a pair of sweatpants over hers.

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The expressions on Nastia and Shawn’s faces were somewhat stunned when their outfits appeared to instantaneously change, but viewers were in for a real shock when Nastia wiped the mirror again. She disappeared from the mirror, and Shawn’s husband, former NFL player Andrew East, was standing in her place. He was hilariously wearing Nastia’s leotard, but he ensured that he wasn’t revealing too much by rocking a pair of black athletic shorts over the garment.

Andrew and Shawn exchanged a look of disbelief before he wiped the mirror again. In the final shot, the reflections of a confused-looking Shawn and Nastia were shown wearing their original outfits.

The video received rave reviews from Nastia’s Instagram followers, who also rewarded her post with over 65,000 likes in the span of three hours.

“I was already amazed by this vid and then Andrew appeared in your leotard. Haha amazing!” read one remark in the comments section.

“Best one yet!” another fan wrote.

“I need y’all together more often,” a third admirer said.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nastia and Shawn also teamed up to take on the handstand challenge. They turned the social media craze into a fun competition.