Donald Trump Slammed As 'Biggest Snowflake In The Country' By Army Combat Veteran After Poll Analysis

Rachel Dillin

On Monday, David Weissman called out President Donald Trump on Twitter. The comment from the former United States Army combat veteran came after the president released his own hired firm's analysis of recent media polling from McLaughlin & Associates. The report corroborated a claim the president had made regarding poll bias.

Weissman -- who supported President Trump at one time, but has since changed his mind -- tweeted a reply to the president's tweet, remarking that he used to feel that Trump had thick skin.

"This is just sad. I can't believe I ever thought you had thick skin, you're the biggest snowflake in the country."

The memo that the president posted noted that the latest polls from CNN, ABC, and NBC must have been intentionally skewed by polling only about 25 percent of self-described Republicans. The memo also suggested that the number of GOP responses included is lower than the 33 percent that pollsters should be targeting based on recent voter turnout. The document also pointed out that many pollsters are not screening for likely voters.

The president's tweets received a lot of attention on Twitter. Nearly 34,000 accounts hit the like button, and almost 11,000 retweeted Trump's message. While many critics, like Weissman, had negative things to say, some respondents also agreed with the president's new poll information, and were not surprised by the firm's analysis.