Michael Sanchez Reportedly Wants A Front-Page ‘Washington Post’ Apology From Jeff Bezos After Photo Scandal

Michael Sanchez, brother of actress Lauren Sanchez, has requested a very public apology from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, a source told the Daily Mail on Saturday. The couple had accused Sanchez of leaking their private photos to The National Enquirer in exchange for $200,000 in 2019.

Sanchez had not spoken publicly on the matter until Sunday when he got in touch with the Daily Mail.

“I have protected and supported my sister 100 per cent since the day she was born. And I’ve willingly taken the fall for her too many times to count. What’s different this time is our family has been ripped apart and Lauren doesn’t seem to care.”

Sanchez was in charge of his sister’s personal media strategy when the scandal broke. The Daily Mail had reviewed a written proposal drawn up by Sanchez to manage the matter. The documents included a plan for how the new couple would handle the photo scandal and statements for each of them to release to the media. The comments mirrored those that were released in 2019.

Sanchez maintained his innocence in the matter and insisted that a woman from his sister’s inner circle was to blame, although he did not provide any names. He admitted to sitting down with The National Enquirer in an attempt to keep the photos private. Negotiations never amounted to anything, and the outlet went ahead and released the pictures.

Sanchez is now accusing Bezos and his security consultant, Gavin de Becker, of defamation. Both men deny any wrongdoing and insist that multiple sources in the media accused Sanchez of leaking the photos, not them.

Sanchez is not able to discuss matters too much due to ongoing lawsuits, but a source told the Daily Mail that he wanted to clear his reputation and he wanted it done in a big way. The source went on to state that Sanchez wanted “a front-page apology in The Washington Post, the newspaper Jeff owns.”

According to the source, an apology wasn’t all that he wanted.

“He’s determined to have his day in court and it’s not going to be pretty for the richest man in the world. Michael will air everyone’s dirty laundry. Bring it on!”

Lauren Sanchez and Bezos announced their relationship publicly in 2019 after the photo scandal broke. Both were married to other people at the time. She was married to Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell, and he was married to MacKenzie Bezos.

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