WWE News: Charlotte Flair Reveals If She Wants To Win Men’s World Championship

Charlotte Flair is a 12-time Women’s Champion in WWE, and she’s held titles on every brand. She’s arguably the most successful female star in the history of the company, and while she’s still in her prime, she’s basically accomplished everything. However, she may have some male championships in her sight.

During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Flair revealed that she’s interested in chasing the WWE Championship down the line. She was answering a question about Tessa Blanchard winning the Impact Wrestling World Championship earlier this year, which Flair felt was a big moment for women’s wrestling.

“It’s something that I want to pursue but, if you look at the big picture, when women are succeeding in different organisations all around the world, we’re all succeeding.”

Flair then went on to state that she also isn’t too concerned about winning a male championship at the moment. According to the superstar, women’s wrestling benefits when all of the competitors stick together and support each other. For now, Flair seems more than content to compete for the championships that she’s currently eligible for.

“We should support and be just extremely proud, as a woman, to see her do that because when one’s doing well, we’re all doing well, and that is what has pretty much driven the Women’s Revolution is we work better in numbers, so it’s not something that I think about right now but I couldn’t be more proud and happy for what she is doing for women around the world.”

Flair’s opinion is quite different from her colleague Becky Lynch, however. As The Inquisitr reported, Lynch was previously asked if she’d like to compete for the Universal Championship at some point. “The Man” responded by saying that she thinks the Women’s Championship is more prestigious and that she would rather compete for that.

WWE doesn’t feature any intergender wrestling these days, with the exception of mixed tag team matches. However, even those matches forbid men from directly competing against women. In the past, the company was more open to the prospect, as Chyna was the Intercontinental Champion and matches between male and female competitors were commonplace during the Attitude Era.

Intergender wrestling is divisive, and WWE doesn’t seem interested in hosting these match types now that the company is focused on establishing a strong women’s division. While some fans and pundits see it as progressive as it puts men and women on an equal platform, others feel that it devalues women’s wrestling by presenting the men’s championships as more prestigious.

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