North Korea Clamps Down On Potential ‘Disorder’ In Military With Harsh New Punishments

Just weeks after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made headlines across the world amidst serious health rumors, Daily NK is reporting that the “hermit kingdom” is beginning a program of clamping down on potential “disorder” in military ranks by implementing harsher punishments.

According to the website, which is largely run by North Korean defectors, the staff of Investigation Division and Detention Management Division under the Military Security Command (MSC) was recently doubled after a May 23 meeting. Sources have claimed that increasing the personnel in the MSC is a way for the military to weed out any “illegal” behavior from within its ranks.

The changes were made after Supreme Leader Kim made the request during a meeting for the communist party’s Central Committee.

“We must overcome a spate of deviant acts within the military and political activities of [North Korea’s] armed forces and make decisive improvements,” Kim reportedly said.

In another move that has strengthened both the Investigation Division and Detention Management Division and Military Security Command, all members of the agencies who had previously held a title have received promotions. For example, those who were previously a senior colonel or major general would now have the rank of major general or lieutenant general.

This policy also affects those in the lower ranks, which is unusual.

Experts have claimed that the promotions will give members of the agencies greater authority and thus more of a role with “investigations and enforcement” concerning the military.

“This measure suggests that those at the top intend to better manage corruption among soldiers,” an insider explained.

“From now on, there will be stronger punishments for disorder in the ranks, as well as other incidents or accidents within the military,” the source added.

The insider added that there will likewise be a propaganda push in the military, with officials emphasizing that soldiers must “do their best” as members of the “military of the Suryong and party.”

“A host of measures will be taken to instill this awareness in all commanders and soldiers so that the military is viewed as an organization to be modeled on,” the insider concluded.

The move comes after Kim had previously claimed earlier this spring that he wanted to focus on corruption in the military. At the time, the communist leader had declared that he wanted specific regions of the country to be “war-ready,” as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Many believe that the chairman is attempting to show a sign of strength following rumors that he suffered a serious health crisis, with reports previously claiming that he was in a vegetative state or had died.

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