June 3, 2020
Donald Trump 'Must Be Removed' Along With His Enablers, Says Conservative Icon George Will

Conservative columnist George Will declared that Donald Trump "must be removed" from office when the United States goes to the polls in November, along with the people in the United States Congress who have enabled him. The Pulitzer prize-winning journalist penned a scathing takedown of the president in his latest Washington Post opinion column.

Will did not hold back in expressing his disapproval of the way that Trump has handled the recent George Floyd protests and riots, the coronavirus pandemic, and other issues that have occurred during his presidency -- beginning with his inauguration photos. Yesterday, the president walked from the White House across the street to St. John's Church on Monday to take photographs while holding a Bible in front of the boarded-up cathedral.

Will called out the president and his tweeting, but he also called out Congress for its supposed complicity in supporting the things he's done throughout the last three and a half years.

"Voters must dispatch his congressional enablers, especially the senators," he wrote.

For Will and some other never-Trump Republicans like those behind the Lincoln Project, the GOP has moved so far away from its initial ideals that it is time to altogether remove the party from power in an effort to start the whole thing over, which is something he noted would not happen quickly.

"In life's unforgiving arithmetic, we are the sum of our choices. Congressional Republicans have made theirs for more than 1,200 days. We cannot know all the measures necessary to restore the nation's domestic health and international standing, but we know the first step: Senate Republicans must be routed, as condign punishment for their Vichyite collaboration, leaving the Republican remnant to wonder: Was it sensible to sacrifice dignity, such as it ever was, and to shed principles, if convictions so easily jettisoned could be dignified as principles, for. . . what?"
In case people think that Trump has hit rock bottom at this point, Will warned that he likely hasn't. The long-time conservative, who officially left the Republican party when Trump became its apparent nominee in 2016, told his readers to assume that the worst is yet to come when it comes to the president.

In his missive, Will also reminded people that Trump, at one time, asked the police not to be "too nice" when arresting suspects. Further, he pointed to Floyd's death while in the custody of four former Minneapolis police officers as something that fulfilled the president's desire for harsher arrests on the part of authorities.