‘Hellboy 3’ Won’t Be Happening

Hellboy 3 won’t be happening, says writer Mike Mignola.

Hellboy gave us something we never thought possible; super heroes in a film that wasn’t from Marvel or DC Comics, and a good film at that. Hellboy was a character created for Dark Horse, and featured an infant demon raised by the CIA in secret as a backup plan in case a major threat was supernatural.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Ron Perlman (the guy Guillermo can’t seem to stop casting in everything), Hellboy was the “other” superhero franchise that surprised us all. Hellboy gave us a set of characters that were just as strange as those in the Marvel universe, but more mysterious and less war-prone. And who can forget the moment when the big red hero went out of his way to save a box of kittens?

Hellboy II was weaker in general, as it introduced symbiotic siblings. One, the brother, was hell-bent on taking over the world with the “golden army” while the sister had fallen in love with Hellboy. Problem was, they couldn’t kill one without killing the other.

Sadly, that’s where the series is ending, according to Hellboy writer Mike Mignola. The funds to make the film happen just aren’t there. Hellboy 3 was considered the biggest story in the series, and without the big budget, it’s not going to happen.

Director Guillermo del Toro went on the record as saying, “It’s hard to [finance] it. It’s the biggest chapter of the three movies. Hellboy becomes the beast of the apocalypse. We’ve inquired, but so far, if you know a rich uncle with $130 million…”

So basically, unless Microsoft, Google, or some major corporation wants to fund Hellboy 3, we’ll never see it.

That didn’t stop Ron Perlman from donning the makeup a third time though. The Hellboy actor went in full costume to visit a boy for the Make A Wish Foundation. There’s some sweet irony, a demon with the heart of an angel.

How do you feel about Hellboy 3 not being made?