John David & Abbie Duggar Reveal That They Are Currently Using A Grocery Delivery Service

John and Abbie Duggar have been trying to stay healthy by staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. They have a new baby girl to care for, and they seem to be extra careful these days. The Counting On stars recently revealed that they have been getting their groceries delivered to their house, but it appears to be taking a lot longer to get them.

TLC posted to their Facebook page a short clip of the happy couple in their small home in Arkansas. They said that they are staying at home and trying to stay healthy right now. Abbie Duggar also revealed that they usually have their groceries delivered. She explained that she had put in an order the day that the video was filmed. However, she was told that it could possibly be the following week before it would get to their house. That meant that she would have to improvise on her dinner menus since they were getting low on fresh produce and other essentials that she would normally need for dinner.

John David described grocery shopping as “a whole new world out there.” It looks like they are steering clear of the stores right now and their local grocery delivery service is the best option for them right now.

The Duggar daughter-in-law decided to make some taco soup that day. It basically uses ground beef and cans of corn, beans, and tomatoes, along with seasoning and the toppings, all of which she already had in her pantry. John David raved about this particular recipe. Abbie mentioned that it was kind of fun to be creative in coming up with dinner ideas instead of running to the store.

The 28-year-old mom wore a pink flowery dress in the video clip, but it almost looked like she also had some kind of pants on underneath. She had her curly blond locks pulled up into a messy hairdo. John David appeared in the video wearing a gray sweater and a baseball cap.

You could see the couple’s baby girl, Grace Annette Duggar, who is almost 5 months old, lying in a seat in the background just looking around. Abbie Duggar just celebrated her first Mother’s Day. That was a perfect time to share a couple of sweet photos of herself and baby Grace.

Fans will be able to see more of how John David and Abbie Duggar are faring through the COVID-19 crisis coming up on the new season of Counting On premiering June 30.

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