Abbie Duggar Celebrates Her First Mother’s Day With Daughter Grace, ‘I Dreamt Of Being A Mommy’

Sunday, May 12, was Abbie Duggar’s first Mother’s Day as a new mom. The Counting On star celebrated with her famous husband, John David, and their 4-month-old baby girl, Grace Annette. Abbie shared some brand new photos of herself and her adorable daughter with the couple’s Instagram followers over the weekend and it was a big hit.

The Mother’s Day post came with two photos of Abbie and Grace standing outside on a sunny day as they posed for the camera. There was a wooden fence behind them, but it’s not certain whether that is actually John and Abbie’s yard or someone else’s. The 28-year-old nurse held her baby close to her. The first snapshot had them all smiles and posing cheek-to-cheek. Gracie was all dolled up in a blue dress and appeared to be white lacy pantaloons underneath. She had a big matching bow on her little head as well, and white sandals to complete the outfit.

The Duggar daughter-in-law wore a blue skirt, which she paired with a pretty pink blouse. She had her curly blond hair worn down with the sides pinned back, with her shorter bangs swept off to one side. Abbie appeared to have put on a bit of makeup for her special day as both mom and daughter looked ready for the spring-like weather in Arkansas.

The second picture saw John David’s wife holding Grace away from her in a fun pose. The baby girl had her mouth open in a surprised expression. Abbie looked directly at her and smiled.

In the caption, Abbie confessed that her dream has always been to be a mom, and it looks like she is thrilled that it has finally happened. Duggar fans were quick to comment on how sweet and adorable the photos are.

“Cutest baby ever!!” one person said.

“Oh my goodness, she is absolutely adorable!!!!” someone else mentioned.

Abbie’s sisters-in-law also couldn’t help but hop on Instagram to fawn over their niece. Jill Dillard called Gracie “a doll,” while Jessa Seewald simply said that she is adorable.

Just recently, TLC had posted a Mother’s Day video featuring a few of the Duggar men who praised their wives on their mothering skills. In the video, Abbie also talked about her favorite times with Gracie, revealing that she comforts her when she is fussy. It showed how much she is enjoying the time she has with her daughter during her baby years.

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