Duggar Men Praise Their Wives In Special Messages For Mother’s Day

In a special TLC Mother’s Day segment, the Duggar men are seen standing next to their wives singing their praises on what wonderful moms they are. Brothers Joe, John David, and Josiah Duggar, as well as Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, reveal what they think about the mother of their children. TLCme shared the video just in time for May 10 as the Counting On stars are front and center, ready to spill their emotions in front of their fans.

First off was Joe wearing a burnt orange shirt standing beside wife Kendra, talking about what a great mom she is to their two kids — Garrett, who will turn 2 on June 8, and Addison, 6-months-old. Kendra was standing there staring up at her husband as he talked. She was wearing a white blouse with a green sweater over it, and her long blond locks were softly curled on the ends.

Josiah Duggar said that Lauren has been great as a mom to their daughter, Bella. He went on about the amazing way that she interacts with the 6-month-old and how Bella tries to communicate with her. Lauren also had her long hair down with soft curls flowing around her shoulders. She chose to wear an orange-printed blouse or dress as she explained that every moment that she gets to spend with Bella is a gift to cherish.

Although John David didn’t actually do much talking, other than wishing fans a happy Mother’s Day, his wife Abbie did mention that one of her favorite times that she has with their daughter Grace is when she gets to hold and comfort her when she gets a little grumpy.


Ben Seewald went into a bit more detail on how much he admires Jessa for her organizational skills when it comes to their three kids. Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 11-months-old can be a handful at times, but according to Ben, their mom really knows how to get things done. He admires how involved she is every day and how she has them learning new things.

That is pretty evident, as seen on Jessa’s Instagram when she shares photos of her projects for the kids. A recent one was that of a climbing dome that she put together for them to play on. She always seems to be taking on projects to either do with the kids or redo something in the house.

These Duggar men appear to not be too far apart from their wives most of the time. They all seem to be growing their families by leaps and bounds these days.

It’s also highly likely that there will be a similar video next month for Father’s Day as the women will have their turn at praising their guys as well.

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