May 31, 2020
WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Has Reportedly Given Up On Three Superstars

Apollo Crews' recent push has shown that WWE is giving opportunities to underutilized superstars, but there are three Monday Night Raw performers who reportedly won't be the focus of the company's plans moving forward. Citing Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, reports that Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and Humberto Carillo are no longer a major part of Vince McMahon's plans.

According to Meltzer, WWE management toyed with the idea of putting the United States Championship on all three superstars in an effort to push them up the card. While all three performers have been involved in feuds over the title in recent months, none of them have been entrusted as the champion.

Alexander was tipped for big things last year. He had a brief feud with AJ Styles that seemed like his gateway to the big time, but that all came to an end when McMahon reportedly decided to bury the superstar.

Carillo, meanwhile, has featured on and off with Andrade in recent months. Andrade was the United States Champion up until he lost the title to Crews on a recent episode of Monday Night Raw. However, for a while, Carillo seemed like a natural babyface to dethrone Andrade, but he hasn't managed to get over with the fans.

WWE is desperate to create more Hispanic superstars to appeal to that market, Carillo seemed like their number one choice for a few months. However, Angel Garza has since been promoted to the main roster and reportedly impressed management, and he and Andrade both seem to be the most likely candidates to be pushed.

Ricochet, on the other hand, was squashed by Brock Lesnar at an event in Saudi Arabia earlier this year and hasn't been given any momentum since. These days he's mostly used in filler matches or as an enhancement talent.

Paul Heyman is reportedly a fan of all of the aforementioned wrestlers, but the executive director of Monday Night Raw only has so much say. If McMahon doesn't have plans for a superstar, it's highly unlikely that they'll be pushed unless he somehow changes his mind.

The report doesn't state why McMahon lost interest in them, but perhaps they were Heyman projects who the chairman wasn't even keen on pushing in the first place. However, if Crews' recent push reveals anything, it's that it's never too late for any superstar, as their fortunes can change when least expected.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, McMahon had reportedly given up on Crews before something inspired him to change his mind about the superstar. Now he is being pushed as a babyface champion on the red brand.