Christy Carlson Romano Thrills ‘Kim Possible’ Fans With Her Take On The ‘Wipe It Down’ TikTok Challenge

Christy Carlson Romano delighted nostalgic Disney Channel fans with her creative take on the “Wipe It Down” challenge. For the TikTok craze, the 36-year-old actress transformed into the titular heroine of the popular Kim Possible animated series. She shared her brief but entertaining video on her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Christy voiced the spunky teen crime fighter in the cartoon, but she wasn’t dressed like Kim at the beginning of her video. Instead, she appeared to be channeling one of Kim’s most formidable foes, the powerful supervillainess Shego. Christy sported a tight neon green top with black accents. It closely resembled the patterned bodysuit worn by Shego in the TV series.

Christy wore her brunette hair down with a deep side part. She appeared to be rocking dark, dramatic eye makeup, including winged eyeliner and charcoal gray eyeshadow. Her lips were an understated neutral color, and it looked like she had applied bronze contour on her cheeks.

Christy was standing in front of a mirror holding a vivid green spray bottle that matched her outfit in one hand and a paper towel in the other. As the song “Wipe It Down” by BMW Kenny played, she sprayed the mirror and wiped the paper towel across it in a dramatic sweeping motion each time the word “wipe” was sung.

When BMW Kenny sang the lyric “wipe it down,” the video cut. Christy was suddenly rocking a glossy red wig and a black long-sleeved top. The combination made her look like a real-life Kim Possible. Christy gave the camera a playful smile as she wiped the mirror a few more times. She transformed back into Shego before the video ended.

As of this writing, Christy’s fans have hit the “like” button on her Instagram post over 7,000 times. They also took to the comments section to express their appreciation for Christy’s homage to one of their favorite childhood TV shows.

“Just gave me some nostalgia with the Kim switch,” read one response to her post.

“Omg thank you for that amazing Kim possible tribute that means so much to me as a fan,” another commenter wrote.

“Its almost as if Shego was doing the wipe it down challenge. I applaud your mastery!” a third admirer gushed.

“I laughed way too hard at one ever,” a fourth fan opined.

In addition to voicing Kim Possible, Christy starred on the live-action Disney Channel series Even Stevens. She decided to leave Hollywood after the show came to an end, and now the mother of two stars on the YouTube cooking show Christy’s Kitchen Throwback. She also keeps her fans entertained with the videos that she shares on TikTok and Instagram, including one that showed her performing a song from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as Belle.

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