Kylie Jenner Shares Side-By-Side Photo Of Her As A Child And Stormi

Kylie Jenner is showing off the resemblance between herself and her daughter, Stormi Webster. The 22-year-old shared a snap on her Instagram Stories, with a side-by-side photo of Stormi taken just a few days ago and a photo of herself as a young child, showing fans how much they look alike.

The image was first posted by a fan account on Instagram on May 27, with Kylie sharing it to her Instagram stories on May 28. The photo showed Kylie’s 2-year-old daughter striking a similar pose to an older photograph of Kylie. In the image, Stormi is being held in Kylie’s arms. However, Kylie herself is mostly cut out of the frame, with the image just centered on Stormi. Stormi’s dark brown hair is slicked back in a low ponytail while she smiles and looks toward the camera. Wearing a brown t-shirt with some white graphics in the center, her little hand is formed to a fit as if waiting to give a “fist bump.” Also in view is one of Kylie’s hands. As she is holding up her daughter on her hip, Kylie’s large diamond ring and pink manicured nails are visible, along with pops of yellow from her jacket.

On the right side of the image is an older photograph of Kylie when she was still a child. Striking a similar pose and smile as her daughter, young Kylie is wearing what looks like a light pink ballerina outfit. Her long dark hair flows down her side, and her bangs frame her face, landing just above her big eyes. There’s an adult arm around her shoulders, with the mystery hand shown placed on Kylie’s shoulder.

In both photos, the girls are smiling with their teeth slightly showing. The resemblance is mostly seen in their similar smiles and the shape of their noses.

On the original photo shared on Twitter by the fan account, Kylie fans were quick to point out how much the mother-and-daughter duo looked alike.

“The same human with a different filter,” one fan wrote.

“Same nose,” another user noticed.

“Omg they have the same smile,” a third follower commented.

“Oh! Wow! Her daughter looks like her!” exclaimed a different fan.

According to PEOPLE, Kylie Jenner – who shares Stormi with her ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott — previously spoke about how much her daughter looks like she did when she was a baby. She told the publication at the time that her baby pictures looked just like Stormi did at birth.

Kylie recently posted a photo of her with her daughter and called Stormi her “forever.”

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