WWE Rumors: More NXT Superstars Being Called Up To Main Roster Soon

After a hard-fought loss on this week's episode of NXT, a popular superstar is about to be called up to WWE's main roster. Matt Riddle is preparing for his upcoming debut on Friday Night SmackDown, but it appears as if he won't be the only one in the spotlight. According to rumors that have started swirling around, there will be several main roster call-ups from the black-and-yellow brand very soon.

With Riddle likely receiving his call-up soon, WWE is wanting to bring others to the red and blue brands. According to Fightful Select, as reported by Wrestle Talk, there will be several more superstars called up over the next month or two.

As of this time, this is all something speculative that has not been confirmed by WWE. As a matter of fact, Fightful even reported that no there not yet any "firm plans," and no names have been revealed as to who may be on the call-up list.

This move comes at an interesting time as WWE is using developmental talents in a variety of ways. On this week's Monday Night Raw, NXT superstars were placed in the crowd to give a bit more of a "live event" feeling to things since fans are still not allowed in arenas.

Matt Riddle celebrates in the ring.

Wednesday night featured the first-ever cage fight in NXT history, and fans saw Riddle lose a brutal match to Timothy Thatcher. Wrestling Inc. reported that this was considered the blow-off for his time on the black-and-yellow brand, and this match was their way of writing him out of all storylines.

Riddle has reportedly already shot a vignette, which will be his official introduction as a member of Friday Night SmackDown. It has not yet known if the vignette will air this Friday or on a later episode, but it is ready to go.

This won't be the first time that Riddle has appeared on main roster programming. He represented NXT in last year's Survivor Series match and was a surprise entrant in January's Royal Rumble. Riddle's Rumble debut didn't last long as King Corbin quickly eliminated him after he hit the ring.

In mid-April, WWE released dozens of superstars, which left some gaping holes in both the red and blue rosters. The NXT call-ups will help create new storylines that fans may have never witnessed before. Now, it's merely a matter of awaiting WWE's call on when and who will hit the main roster.