WWE News: Current Champion, Whose Contract Is Reportedly Set To Expire, Spotted At AEW Event

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WWE has released several superstars in recent weeks, but one performer they won’t want to lose is Adam Cole. The NXT Champion is regarded as one of the company’s brightest prospects, but his future is uncertain at the time of this writing.

According to WrestlingNews.co, the superstar’s contract is set to expire in either August or September, and he’s yet to agree to an extension. This has fueled speculation that he will leave the company and join AEW.

The report also states that Cole attended AEW’s Memorial Day party in Jacksonville, Florida on Monday night. He’s been present at AEW events with his girlfriend Britt Baker in the past, suggesting that he has a positive relationship with the company’s officials.

Cole was a member of the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling, a stable that featured some members of The Elite who went on to become executive vice presidents in AEW. He does have friends in high places in the company, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll leave WWE to reunite with them.

However, his relationship with Baker could influence his decision, and she’s been open about wanting her boyfriend to join the company. As the WrestlingNews.co article notes, she discussed the matter on the last episode of AEW Unrestricted, stating that she wants to see Cole compete against some of the company’s top stars down the line.

“It’s all one huge giant family. I hope there is a day in the future, in the near future, where Adam Cole can be in the ring with The Young Bucks and Kenny [Omega] and Cody [Rhodes] and it will come full circle and we can all be one giant happy family again.”

How Cole is booked over the next couple of months could be telling in regards to his future. He is currently the longest-reigning World Champion in NXT history and the leader of The Undisputed Era, which is arguably the most successful stable in the black-and-gold brand’s history. If there’s any possibility of him leaving, he’ll undoubtedly be forced to drop the title and he’ll be booked to put over other superstars.

WWE management won’t want him joining a rival promotion on the back of a huge wave of momentum, but regardless of how he’s booked, the AEW fans will undoubtedly welcome him with open arms. However, whether he stays in WWE or jumps ship, Cole looks set to be a main event star for years to come.