Senator Graham: South Korea’s New President Won’t Hesitate To Attack North Korea

Senator Lindsey Graham told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that a North Korean attack would lead to immediate retribution and that “the North loses and the South wins with our help.”

According to Graham:

“I could see a major war happening if the North Koreans overplay their hand this time because the public in South Korea, the United States, and, I think, the whole region is fed up with this guy.”

Graham is referring to North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, who in recent days has been promising to attack the United States with nuclear weapons.

Speaking of North Korea’s potential folly, Senator Graham says his “biggest fear” is that the North Korean regime will fail to understand South Korea’s current impatience with the country. Graham reveals that the South Koreans are “not going to put up with this anymore. If there were a South Korean naval vessel sunk this year, any time soon, or shelling of a South Korean island by North Korea, I think the new president of South Korea would be compelled to act. I think the North Koreans are overplaying their hand.”

Senator Graham, a member of the Armed Services Committee member, tells David Gregory that the public in South Korea are fed up with North Korea’s constant threats and will no longer allow the North’s transgressions to continue.

Graham also admits that the Chinese government is actively working against the South. According to Graham:

“They don’t want a democratic Korea next to China, so they’re propping up this crazy (North Korean) regime – and they can determine the fate of North Korea better than anybody on the planet.”

When asked why Japan and South Korea have not developed their own nuclear weapons, Graham explains:

“They trust us. As long as South Korea and Japan trust us to be in the fight, they won’t go down the nuclear road. It’s important that they always believe we have their back, it’s important that North Korea knows what happens if they engage anybody in the region associated with us – including with our own troops. They (the North Koreans) lose.”

Here is the full Lindsey Graham interview on Meet The Press: