Viral Video Shows A Woman Allegedly Calling The Cops On A Black Man Who Asked Her To Leash Her Dog

A video of a white woman calling the police to claim that a black man was threatening her and her dog while she walked through Central Park in New York City surfaced earlier today, TMZ reported on Monday evening. The video has since gone viral on social media.

In the clip, a white woman is seen trying to keep her dog under control as she tried to attach its leash. Shortly after trying to get control of her dog, she starts walking toward the man filming her. Allegedly, he asked her to leash her dog since Central Park mandates that all dogs remain on-leash at all times.

She then demanded that the man stop filming her, saying that if he didn’t, she would call the police and “tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.”

People on social media were outraged by the video’s contents. Many users labeled the woman a “Karen,” which is a derogatory term often used to describe women perceived to be acting racist or rude.

TMZ noted that the video showed the woman calling the police and trying to make her voice sound distressed so it would appear she was in “imminent danger.”

The man seemed to remain calm throughout the clip. He did not attempt to dissuade her from contacting the NYPD.

According to the outlet, the police responded to the call at approximately 8 a.m. Monday morning, but both parties were reportedly already gone by the time they got to the park.

The initial call was supposedly labeled a “possible assault.”

Other users noted that not only was the woman behaving in a way they deemed discriminatory, but she was mishandling her dog and causing it to choke as she dragged it around by the collar. The dog was visibly panting and struggling to break free of her grip as she tugged on its collar.

“Peak Karening: Seeing a black person *recording you* illegally walking your dog off-leash and announcing *into his camera* that you are going to make a false claim to police,” wrote one user.

It did not take long for people to track the woman down and post her personal information on social media.

“Some of you all getting mad that the Central Park Karen’s info is out there really need to use your brain. She committed a crime—prob 2, if you count animal abuse. And yet many of you all were upset about Ahmaud Arberry [sic]. The birding dude could have easily been killed by the NYPD,” said Porochista Khakpour.

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