October 20, 2016
Justin Bieber Gets Tattooed At 40,000 Feet, 'Bad Boy' Altitude We're Onboard With

Justin Bieber has taken his twin loves of tattoos and risk-taking to new heights, make that possibly Guinness World Record heights.

Read on, we'll explain.

Pictures have surfaced of the then 19-year-old singer getting two tattoos inked 40,000 feet high aboard a private jet to Canada five days after his arrest on suspicion of DUI in Miami Beach on January 23, and following his exodus to Panama.

Justin is seen in a TMZ-obtained video and photos lying semi-clad on some sort of bed while famed inker Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy tattoos the already heavily illustrated singer.

Click here to view the pictures and video.

Bang Bang - who owns a tattoo salon in New York City and is known for letting clients tattoo him - has worked on Bieber before, as well as stars such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and many more.

The tattooist told TMZ that inking the Biebs at 40,000 feet was "the most difficult tattoo I've ever done for sure" due to flight turbulence.

The site adds that according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), getting a tattoo on a flight isn't illegal as long as it doesn't interfere with passenger or crew safety.

Considering that one of the tattoos Justin had inked was "Forgive," we'll leave it to anagram enthusiasts to tell us what accidents could have come to pass if Bang Bang had slipped!

As we previously reported, like many ink-lovers Bieber's tattoos have meaning to him.

According to TMZ, the "Baby" star subsequently told Bang Bang, "Forgiveness is powerful, forgive as Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins."

It's an apt phrase for Bieber to have had inked, not only because of the various allegations against him but also considering the attacks and abuse he also receives.

Justin also had a cross inked on his chest, the symbolism of which is self-explanatory.

The New York Daily News reports Bang Bang is contacting the Guinness World Records to see if the sky-high tattooing trip can be put into the record books.

"I'm trying to see if we broke a record because we filmed it and documented it, it would be a cool record to have broken, the highest altitude tattoo."

"I've heard that somebody did a tattoo on an airplane once, but normal airlines fly 33-35,000 feet and we were at 40,000 ft so I think we might have done the highest altitude tattoo ever. It was fun and we felt like we did something nobody had ever done," he told The News.

Asked if Bieber seemed nervous, Bang Bang added: "He trusts me, so he knows if I say I can do it, I can do it."

Since his January arrest by Miami Beach police - who later photo-documented the singer's tattoos - Justin recently added to his body art collection again.

The 20-year-old now has a tattoo of Brit artist Banksy's 2007 wall mural "Girl with A Balloon" on his right arm. The artist himself called Bieber's homage "controversial."

Justin Bieber No Plea Deal In Egging Just Yet

(Photo: via Shots of Me)

Hot on the heels of his Banksy tattoo last Wednesday, Bieber sat for a mammoth inking in a Toronto recording studio on March 14 until around 5am the next morning, according to the Forever Young Ink salon.

Pictures of Bieber getting inked on the private plane have since been retweeted by fans.

Bieber's latest body art can be seen in Instagrams he posted over the past few days.

So who's braver readers: the one who's gets tattooed at 40,000 feet or the inker?

Could you keep your hand steady?

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